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We offer training in NVC in the following format: Introduction, Foundation, Leadership, International Intensive Training (IIT), hosting of special guest trainers from around the world, etc.

  • In-house Courses: Courses at the Center are 3 hours, daylong, weekend, 9-day trainings.
  • Outside Courses: Courses at businesses, schools, non-profits, media centers, and many other locations throughout Korea and the world.
  • Practice Groups: We offer space to groups who want to deepen their understanding of NVC consciousness. We can also offer support to groups in the form of materials, trainers, and/or information, if desired.

Counseling and Mediation
Individuals, couples and groups can benefit from these services. Deep listening supports you in connecting with your feelings and needs and in discovering solutions.

  • Are you experiencing conflict in your relationship?
  • Do you feel stuck in recurring patterns or ways of relating?
  • Is there a particular issue that is creating disharmony between you?
  • Are you generally dissatisfied with the quality of the communication between you?

We believe that relationships provide an opportunity for growth as human beings. This can be challenging and from time to time we may need support from others to help us move to a level of deeper understanding between each other. We will support you as a couple to move through your particular issues, and relate to each other in a deeper, more conscious way.

Translation, Publishing and Educational Materials
Our in-house publishing department translates from English to Korean and publishes NVC related books, DVDs etc., making these materials available to our community members. We also develop and create puppets, games, and other support aids and tools for learning NVC.